Paintings inspired by my native India & travels. Also includes contemplative paintings. Click on thumbnail for larger view.

The Well
Ganesh Avatars
Pachamama (Earth Mother)
Blue Oasis
Oia, Santorini (Greece)
Amanda Gorman (A beacon)
Blessings Before Battle
Hats Off!
Folk Musician
Darwaza (Doorway)
Enough! (BLM Art)
Street Faire
Solidarity (South Asians for BLM)
Ma's Sari
Walk to water
Fans of India (1)
Fans of India (2)
Fans of India (3)
Taj Inlay Flowers
Sign of love
Rustic India
Badshah & his begum

LUMINOUS LOTUS SERIES (In "ikat" strokes)

The •Luminous Lotus• always manages to emerge from murky waters.. Lotus ponds are so nostalgic of my childhood in Chennai. On road trips I’d insist on stopping many times to enjoy these beauties in the ponds and waterways outside the city. Symbolic of beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity in Hinduism & Buddhism. Also has great spiritual significance in Egyptian and Greek mythologies.

Click on thumbnail for larger view.

Luminous Lotus
Kamal (lotus)
Tamara (lotus)
Lotus Pond
Kamala (lotus)
Tamarai (lotus)
Lotus at first light