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“My paintings are inspired by places, people and their unique stories. I’m equally inspired by nature and everyday marvels of colors, textures and light effects that we experience. My story is definitely a tale of two states (of mind) - my life as an American and my Indian roots. I paint as a response to a spontaneous feeling or sheer beauty of a subject, and that is reflected in my choice of diverse subjects, style, techniques and composition. Invariably some paintings tend to have a connection to the verve and vibrancy of India. 

Through my abstract and representational paintings, I strive to evoke an emotional and introspective experience for viewers. Each brushstroke and color choice is an expression of my inner world, translating intangible thoughts and emotions into tangible visual forms.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a visual language that transcends words and resonates with the viewer's emotions, memories, and imagination. I hope my paintings serve as a medium for introspection, allowing individuals to find solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of wonder in the interplay of abstraction and representation." - Meera Agarwal CLICK HERE to read the entire Artist Statement

RYEMARKABLE MOMS - Featured Interview

The Rye Arts Center Visionary Artist Award

April  2024


Featured article

Feb 2024


The Rye Arts Center's (NY) first recipient of the Visionary Artist Award, 2024

New Rochelle Art Association (NY) 105th Juried Show Award, acrylic/oil, 2020

Curator's Best-in-Show, InsideSmall (NJ), 2019

Stamford Art Association (CT) Award, oil painting, 2018


I'm a certified Art-o-Mat artist for their art vending machines.

Theme of my paintings: Travel the World with Meera's WorldArt

You-tube video: How to be an Art-o-Mat artist

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